Creech started it, then kept it going (and going and going even further ), while Antony turned it into a meme.

So now I’m jumping in too. I’m with Antony, I always like to go through people’s books, and when people browse my shelves it’s kinda, well, personal. Anyway, in that spirit, I’m going to offer you a few digital snapshots of parts of my bookshelves. Nothing so artistic as Alan Creech’s compositions, but you won’t find a Scofield Bible in these shots like in his. Other than that one, I’m jealous of quite a few titles on the shelves of the meme participants. (Hit the links above to view their shelves and click through to other meme participants.)

Here you see a section of my commentary bookshelves, including the tail end of the Old Testament prophets and Paul’s letters from Romans to Galatians. You can also see my “afghan socks” after Leupold on Zechariah… these keep the toes warm in my basement study during the winter months. It’s odd, Romans was a book I never really got into all that much, so forced myself to do a paper on some aspect of the book back in college. During my research I discovered Cranfield’s two-volume ICC work on the book and really appreciated it. When I had to stock the shelves, I found the poor man’s version by Cranfield, which you can see in this image; I do have the older ICC entry by Sanday & Hedlam though. You can see the newer ICC binding on the entries for Corinthians… games for those who know their commentaries: name the author of the entry on Nahum, find the Hermeneia volume, name the which book the OTL volume is on — you might just make out enough of the author’s name to help.

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