That’d be “blogging abstinence” which I decided wasn’t quite right, hence “blogging in abstentia.” I’m ducking out of town to sit at the lake for a weekend together with our simple church friends, followed by a few days extra with another couple. I’ll be popping by only briefly and sporadically during the next week, so I’ve future-posted some blogthoughts for y’all so as usual, nobody will know if I’m actually here or not. Except I won’t be responding to comments quickly, which isn’t really a change since I’ve been so bad at that anyway for the past few months. In fact, by the time you read this, I’ll already be there and be thinking about happy hour. Ah well, we all need some time at the lake now and again… and we all need some happy hour. Maybe after a few days I’ll slow down enough to get hit with some deep and profound brain-things inside my head. You never know.

Gratia vobis et pax.

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