This morning I discovered via my email that I’d been flooded with comment spam overnight, and when I went to blast the offending spam, I found out that a slightly errant router was keeping my website veiled to the public eye of the Internet… as well as to my own eyes. Harumph. This lasted for a few hours, during which I noted that I made the list on Scot’s weekly blog highlights. Double-harumph. This means that an influx of visitors clicking through from Scot McKnight’s post would be getting no response. Not sure why people might be that keenly interested in my story, it being like so many others, and less remarkable than most. Well I did post it publicly, so welcome to my rambling.

I notified and waited for someone else to fix the router problem, then headed out with the family to visit my parents. The plan was for us to spend time there today instead of tomorrow for Mothers’ Day, and my wife had brought along a lasagna she planned to cook when we arrived an hour before lunch. When we were about 10 minutes away, my wife called ahead to suggest pre-heating the oven, at which point we learned that the power had been out for two hours at that point (it wasn’t restored for another two or three more). I figured I’d delete the comment spam from there, but by the time the power came back I just left it for later. In the meantime, a fire in the fireplace was a nice diversion and practical way of keeping the chill out of the air.

Did you know that you can cook a very tasty lasagna on the barbecue? Just thought maybe some of you might need to know that someday. The trick seemed to be a ring of crumpled-up aluminum foil sitting under the lasagna pan in order to help dissipate the heat at the edges so that it would cook evenly. The bread which was mostly-baked was also finished up on the barbecue. Very nice.

This evening is to be spent with our simple church friends, to which I’m looking forward as always. Everyone needs simple friends….

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