Laugh, shake your head, or shrug it off: CHRISTIAN ROCK: Blessing or Blasphemy? (HT: FTM) Some brief notes from this most creatively-insightful treatise:

  • Bill Gaither makes evil Christian rock music
  • Amy Grant it not a Christian, and may even be a Satanist
  • Big Yellow Taxi is pretty much an anti-christian song because a “muse” is a demon
  • Red robes are Satanic
  • Mammon-serving Sandi Patti should get a divorce to repent of adultery
  • Esteem of Sandi Patti in her press kit is an abomination
  • Long hair and a goatee is Nirvana-inspired rebellion
  • Michael W. Smith is a Satanist
  • Carman is a blasphemer with consistently occultic videos
  • DCTalk is pretty much Kurt Cobain, the Anti-Christ, or Adolph Hitler
  • Johnny Cash is Judas Iscariot

Oh, and there’s more, much, much more…

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