Real Live Preacher has composed an excellent (and much-linked) blog post, “We Can Talk at Starbucks.” Transparent and real, it’s about his relationship with his daughter, and hers with God. (Also sample a few of the great comments attached to the post.) This strikes home to me, and perhaps will as well with other men who have daughters… or more generically, perhaps to parents of children. I’ve mentioned my daughters a few times here before in various anectodes and such… but I have one particular archived post in mind, about raising daughters. I don’t know for sure if I’m getting it right, but RLP’s post encourages me to keep on this course. Maybe I’m onto something… and I’m hoping that in another nine (and twelve) years, my daughters will talk to me at — well, maybe not Starbuck’s, maybe some other locally-owned coffee shop serving fair-trade coffee and other fine caffeinated beverages. The point is the talking.

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