On Monday this week we took the kids down to St. Ben’s to do the stations of the cross, kids version. And a good time was had by all. One of the members of the community has created a beautiful set of images for the stations, and these are set out around the church for the season. Monday evening was set aside for the kids to go through the stations, so they all flocked around Jamie who took them through each one, explaining as they went and prompting a bit of discussion along the way. We parents and miscellaneous other adults crowded around the back pretending to be “big kids” and get in on all the action.

Many aspects of liturgical worship are still new to me, as are some of the associated traditions… evangelicals and charismatics don’t do Lent, nor do they attend to the stations of the cross. Now that I’m post- both of those, I’m still discovering the depth of a lot of this stuff.

In any event, it seems there are several online versions of the stations, Spencer Burke’s version created for The Ooze and at BeliefNet (HT: Cheaper than Therapy), among others. I Googled it and most of the links I tried had too much text — I like the versions that don’t try to explain them so much and simply attempt to provide a focal point for reflection.

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