Bob Robinson has posted on The Power of Prayer, and he should know — he’s got a fresh perspective on divine healing. I was reading a little bit of this to my wife this evening, and at the part about the ascending aorta dissecting, she interrupted me and just asked if he survived, with a sort of “you don’t normally recover from that” kind of tone. A lot of the medical stuff is lost on me, but she’s a nurse and acts as my universal gauge of what’s actually serious and what’s not, translating for me as needed. Bob was in surgery for 13 hours, after which the surgeon put it fairly succinctly for him: “It was your faith and the faith of your family and friends that saved you.” Yeah, it sounds like we were a hair’s-breadth from losing the old boy, but God showed mercy. Ah, mercy…. we never understand when God does or doesn’t show it, but that’s a pretty big question to get sidetracked on! A good post with more of the details for those who have been following, or praying, or if you’re just catching up now… it’s a good time for an introduction to Bob’s blog.

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