Further to my post the other day on “dormant” or unused gifts and callings, and my much older post on how mundane spiritual warfare ought to be viewed as being, I offer a thankful HT to Rudy Carrasco for pointing out for pointing out Dave King’s post on buried talents. Dave offers a good dose of perspective on the matter; if God should choose to let something fall into the ground and die like the grain of wheat, well, it behooves us to explain how he’s wrong in so doing. Dave’s post winds up with this nugget:

Perhaps we should view the “wasted gifts” not as “buried talents” but as “buried kernels”. And perhaps within the paradox of allowing God’s gifts to go unused in order to serve him there lies the reason behind…. giving things up for Lent. It gets our priorities focussed on loving others instead of efficiently using our gifts to maximize our results.

At times I think we should be singing “Our God is a wasteful God” for he seems less concerned with efficiency than we are.

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