I’m thinking about Peter’s denials. Thinking about ways in which I might deny Christ. Put on the spot of course, I’ve so far really never had an issue in acknowledging him, but this isn’t really the point.

The point is in whether or not I know the Man. The longer I trod the sod, the more I learn about him, I suppose… but the more I realize I don’t know him. There’s so much to know, and as you gather it all up, one day you know a lot about the Man without necessarily knowing the Man himself.

Knowing him is… well, what would that look like anyway?

I wonder if rather than always asking WWJD it’s more like never asking WWJD? Maybe it’s just doing it. Instinctively. And not only that, but not really thinking much about it afterward, it’s just the way you live. I suppose it must be in living like the Man lived, doing what the Man did, just being the way he was. Maybe living this way portrays the Man and you get to know him in the exchange. Maybe the measure and function of knowing the Man is in showing the Man.

So… I guess I’m no better off… I show not the Man, and I know not the Man. Years into the walk, I realize that one doesn’t have to disown the Man to deny the Man, to merely fail to know him. To fail to show him.

So now…. how?

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