There’s an a TV commercial circulating with a church pew ejector-seat theme which is both amusing and poignant at the same time. (HT to someone on this; I had to re-find it again and forget who to credit with pointing it out.) The idea here is all about who’s in or out of the church community and the fact that somebody’s calling the shots as to who pre-qualifies for inclusion. Sad thing is that this is probably a quite common perception of church.

An old friend who hails originally from the maritimes was fond of the expression, “trying to clean the fish before they catch them.” Apropos, I’d say. Why do people feel they have to get clean in order to qualify to show up at the public baths? (My metaphors are possibly getting horribly confuse here!) I’m quite certain that it’s the church that gave off this vibe — and I’m even more certain that’s not how Jesus did it.

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