Last year during Holy Week I posted a sermon I had preached some years previously outlining the events of Holy Week in a step-by-step manner… similar in some ways to the way we look at the stations of the cross, but covering the whole week. (The longer story of the sermon is in last year’s post on the subject.) In any event, last year I broke it up into an article per day, covering that particular day. With the redesign of my site for my first ‘blogiversary’ last fall, the original static html pages no longer have the proper formatting and I hadn’t gotten around to importing them into WordPress’s content management system.

I would like to participate in the Via Crucis grid blog that Bob Carlton has arranged, but wasn’t quite sure about committing to something for it. Perhaps I’ll yet come up with something anyway…

As we begin Holy Week this year, I will try to re-post my An Account of the First Easter each day in sequence, with some bits of revision and updates as seem good to me. Who knows, maybe I’ll just keep editing and changing it year after year, letting it morph and grow over time. The first installment has now been split up into two parts, which form today’s reflections:

An Account of the First Easter: Prologue
An Account of the First Easter: Part I (For Palm Sunday)

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