The March issue of Next-Wave is out, and the cover story is an intro to Rob McAlpine’s Post-Charismatic Series…. which gives me an extra excuse to mention it again, as a few people asked me where the link to it was this past week: so here it is again.

I’m still thinking about these post-charismatic themes a relatively good deal. Back in my charismatic days I kept trying to get people to understand that worship is meant to be a conversation and that space needed to be made in their meetings to facilitate this. I never did really get them to buy in, but I realized this evening, the Anglicans get it. It should have dawned on me much sooner, but I was sitting at St. Ben’s this evening and Jamie was referring as he regularly does to the “conversation of liturgy,” which is precisely what it is — a conversation. Turns out a lot of these charismatic “issues” get sorted out in the post-charismatic world, and sometimes in unexpected places and ways.

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