In the wake of Robbymac’s Post-Charismatic Series, Len Hjalmarson has a series of posts on the “New Apostolic Reformation” — [ I ], [ II ], and [ III ] with a fourth in the wings. Robbymac mentions the “NAR” in his series, but Len looks to delve into this one aspect more deeply, along with restorationism and other related ideas. Some great thoughts follow on the nature of apostolic gifting. I decided not to start quoting his posts and just keep this one short ;^) but those who have been enjoying the Post-Charismatic discussion may find this helpful as well.

Len recently moved his blog to WordPress (a good move if I do say so), and for those of you like me who suddenly realized he isn’t popping up in your reader anymore, it’s of course becase his feed has moved and you (like me) forgot to update your reader. Glad I didn’t miss this series.

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