Last evening we gathered with our simple church crew as is our fortnightly wont. The chap who was facilitating the evening gave everyone a blank sheet of paper and a crayon or two and encouraged us to doodle whatever came to our minds as we went through the evening’s discussion material. At the end it would be displayed for others to look at — along with the caveat, “Hey, if you have to explain it, it’s not art.” Ultimately I eschewed the crayons and produced a pencil with which to doodle… much more conducive to doodling, if you ask me. Anyway, this fellow who was facilitating also has this habit of needling me on occasion about what I blog or what discussions can tend to end up being mentioned there. He asked me if I was going to scan my drawings and post it to the blog, and, well, just to spite him, I thought I’d offer you all the scan of my doodlepage from the evening. Truth be told, this was an interesting exercise. I recommend a pencil, but the point is that in giving yourself the freedom to wander with your doodling, you semi-formally allow yourself to let your thoughts wander, but in a controlled manner. The interesting bit is what you find there.

As you can see from my doodles, the evening discussion had some fairly heavy subject matter, and I managed to fill the time with a bunch of semi-related song lyrics and rhetorical questions in addition to my stabs at recognizable freehand graphics. The evening wrapped up with a listen to Bruce Cockburn‘s One Day I Walk.

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