Blind Beggar has a good post titled “Ten Distinctives of Postmodern Churches” and I’d say he pretty much nails it. Nice that he makes his point without using the word “emerging” — for those who are keeping score. Reading over the list, it’s just a little bit surprising that modern churches don’t offer most of this, but on the other hand, on each of these points there’s a gap between modern and postmodern churches. The modern churches will tend to call that gap a minor difference and the postmodern churches will tend to call it a chasm.

Interrestingly, with regard to theological differences — which these ten distinctives don’t include — the postmodern churches will see the gap as “not major” whereas the modern churches will tend to see it as a chasm, often borderline (if not actual) heresy.

Hmmm. Is it orthodoxy over orthopraxy or orthopraxy over orthodoxy?

Is another way to phrase it modernism over postmodernism or postmodernism over modernism? Just wondering aloud: is the recent discussion wherein I prognosticated on the year ahead for the emerging church an observation that the coming year will see the modernism further stripped from the emerging church in the places where it still clings? Again, just wondering aloud.

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