I don’t post a lot of personal details owing to the fact that I’m blogging pseudonomynously… which I contend is not the same as blogging anonymously. If you don’t believe me, ask Dr. Seuss or O.Henry.

In any event, I’m in the midst of arranging the relocation of our office, and have been for the past month. It’s been fairly intensive the past few weeks, as we’ve done a month’s worth of renovation on the new office/shop space in less than two weeks. We’ve built ourselves a new datacenter and are halfway into a migration to a new IP-phone system. The move also entails joining forces with another company that provides overlapping services to what we do, but they do some things we don’t and vice-versa. The staff compliment doubles, as does the amount of office space we need, and there are about a ton and a half of details yet to sort out (and we’ve already worked out most of the big stuff!).

All this to say that if I don’t seem very profound in the past week or the next week, it’s because I’m coming home pretty beat and a lot of extra brain cycles are headed in a different direction right now. Need quiet. Packing is nearly done, and tomorrow is moving day… which will undoubtedly translate into a busy weekend. I hate this feeling of being swamped right now… there are some very cool grid-blog and group blog conversations coming up, as is Lent. I’d like to participate more intentionally in many of these, but it doesn’t look very likely at present. Argh. Well, at least I’ll end up with the appearance of a clean desk (with all the stuff that I was working on packed in a box).

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