How about that Canadian Women’s hockey team? We’re all pretty proud of them back home. Turns out that powerhouse player Haley Wickenheiser was basically playing with a broken wrist which was put into a cast after the gold medal match. And she still pulled off the MVP award; I’ve seen her called the Wayne Gretzky of women’s hockey, but personally I have a better opinion of her than that. Wayne’s too American-NHL now.

The men’s team, on the other hand, really need to pull up their socks — we’ve got some high expectations of them, and they are not delivering very well so far. At this rate, they’ll come home without the gold. Heck, maybe they should be happy with bronze. I have however determined the problem. I could mention how the women’s team is playing far smarter and note how few practices the men’s team had before the tournament, or the lighthearted speculation that maybe Gretzky’s wife Janet had bet against the Canadians, but the real reason is more fundamental. It’s bad karma. What on earth are they doing with Todd Bertuzzi on the team? He doesn’t belong in the NHL, and most certainly doesn’t belong on an Olympic hockey team. Note to Wayne: I’d rather you came home without a medal than put this thug on the team and bring home the gold. I think I could hold my head higher that way as a Canadian… but to be frank, I don’t think he could help the team remotely that much. It’s not just my opinion of course. His presence on the team signifies the fact that you’re out to win at any price in the NHL way, rather than acting in the best interest of the game itself. My advice, Wayne: send Bertuzzi home early, fix your karma, and get back in the game. Do that, and I might be happy with any result at all.

There you go. Haley Wickenheiser probably makes a better spokesperson for the game in Canada than does Wayne Gretzky. Not only is she still Canadian, but in interviews she’s talking about the idea that Canada should maybe send some of their best coaches over to Europe to help build up Women’s hockey teams there. Meanwhile, Wayne Gretzky is dodging gambling questions from the media to defend having put Todd Bertuzzi on an Olympic team. Sad.

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