Okay, I get that the toque is about as Canadian an institution as hockey itself… but seriously, what’s the deal with those pointy hats they have the Canadians athletes wearing at the medal presentations? Huh? They look stupid. At the Salt Lake games, the Canadians were the best-dressed nation, thanks to Roots… not that I’m exactly opposed to the HBC getting the job, but Roots is now outfitting the American Olympic team and the Canadians have stupid-looking pointy hats. At least Jennifer Heil had the sense to remove hers when receiving Canada’s first medal at the Torino games… and she looked a lot better without it. Of course, maybe it was that Heil smile. Way to go, kid, you made it look easy… but now my four-year-old has decided to be an Olympic skier when she grows up.

So anyway, is there a national petition we can sign somewhere to make them ditch the pointy-hat?

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