Found this EmergingBlurb from Monthly Pick of the Blogs. ‘Garth’ writes,

I have been thinking that perhaps we went wrong when church was reduced to a service…event based Christianity.

How can a Christian event attract, appeal and speak the language of several generations at once, not to mention the sub-cultures that may prevail within each? Why do we think that we can sub-contract relational essentials to ‘programs’? Perhaps real church has nothing to do with 10 am Sunday morning, perhaps that’s merely a Christian event tailored more specifically to certain groups of people. Perhaps Sunday morning is just a celebration, maybe its a conference that Christians attend …for good reason.

Perhaps a multi-generational reality can occur relationally within christian communities and has little to do with song #455, an announcement and 45 mins of mediocre teaching. I think we have to move away from that mindset of ‘fellowship’ which doesn’t seem to infer any ongoing connection but an opportunistic meeting and sharing. And that’s exactly what event based Christianity delivers.

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