According to Ryan Bolger, the emerging church is not hiring any youth pastors. He’s probably right, but you need to track his reasoning to understand how/why this would be so, since it sounds counterintuitive.

Darryl Dash makes a church change its website banner over the scandal of a poorly-chosen verse. Turns out the quote on the banner was from Satan… but hey, it sounded good. He inadvertently proves that while you might not be able to change your church, through the power of blogging you can at least change someone else’s church website.

Steve Addison presents Alan Hirsch commenting on “Why don’t we see dynamic church planting movements in the West of the same magnitude that we are see in many parts of the developing world?” Good stuff. Steve also left a comment on another post here last week pointing to two other related posts he’s done, Seven contrasts and The wisdom of Barney. That’s Barney Rubble….

Speaking of cartoons, a comic described by Mike Clawson has an ‘ouch’ to it that elicits one of those “yeah, I needed that” feelings.

But I dunno, I kinda want to see the comic where Benny Hinn Shoots John MacArthur, evidently while out hunting quail or some such thing. Something about a “Holy Ghost Machine Gun.”

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