Scot McKnight is starting another series, this one looking at 1 Peter as a potential example of an emerging church. Was the church situation into which Peter wrote very similar to the emerging situation of today? His first post and followup to that are online, so there’s already catch-up to do, and worth the effort. The first two posts deal with the phrase, “resident aliens and temporary residents” in 1 Peter; McKnight contends that the phrase is not a metaphor for a pilgrimage theme, but a description of his readers’ social situation. It’s worth mentioning that Scot McKnight is published on 1 Peter in the NIV Application Commentary series, so it’s safe to assume he knows the text fairly well… iow, this is not just another blog-thought. With that in mind and given Scot’s fair and thorough understanding of the emerging church, ths series looks very promising.

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