I had so much fun as an emerging church panelist back in October at an event sponsored by Providence College & Seminary that I’m doing it again at a PAOC-sponsored event called Summoned to Lead with Leonard Sweet. The event (an advance, not a retreat) is Tuesday (today, like) and Wednesday (that’d be tomorrow) this week in Winnipeg, and somewhere in there I will be sitting on a panel with Jamie Arpin-Ricci and Gerry Michalski…. the emerging YWAM parachurch guy, the pastor of an actual emerging church, and me, the eclesiastical vagrant.

That’s it, that’s all I know… but I suspect there will be some talk of a certain book. My part is probably going to be 5 minutes of fame in a two-day timeframe, and I’ve already asked my friends to pray that nobody will notice I don’t have anything original to say. We shall see….

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