A couple of one-liners from Leonard Sweet yesterday:

  • Excellence is one of those metaphors that’s killing the church.
  • Every church is built from the sound up. (The problem with the church today is that we don’t have a sound theology.)
  • Interactive Excellence: it’s no longer about the quality of the performance, it’s about the quality of participation.
  • The fundamental modern heresy is that it’s the trees that move the wind.
  • Planet Earth is the garden of the galaxy.
  • Christians are not conservationists, they’re preservationists.
  • Amending a Red Green motto: “I’m a church… but I can change. If I have to… I guess.
  • There are three requirements for change to take place:
    • Change requires Reframing
    • Change requires Big Dreams
    • Change requires Emotional Engagement

Hopefully we’ll unpack some of this in the coming days; more to follow.

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