Steven White is talking about Emergent Eschatology but in true EC form, don’t expect a cut-n-dried answer… good thoughts though. Sometimes the best place to be is asking good questions. (And I’ve got to say I love his blog name, “Emmaus Road”.)

Meanwhile, Emerging Grace is questionning other matters, mostly about ecclesiology… she’s been Bit by the Emerging Bug, as she puts it, likening emerging thoughts to a [benevolent] virus. Maybe the people getting worried about her questions need to hear how their objections sound to [Mike Todd’s] Postmodern Ears. And who’s leading this mess? Brad Hightower offers A Portrait of the Emerging Pastor which will will seem “just about right” to some and risk contributing more grey hair to others.

As for what exactly we mean by “emerging,” The Old Bill has thoughts, expanding on the tail end of his earlier discussion of termites and some conversation about Rilke during our recent pub night.

Not wanting to leave any discipline unturned, Open Source Theology is working towards an emergent pneumatology.

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