1. Jesus’ mission was not to get more people to attend weekly temple meetings. How, by following his example, did this become the mission of the church? —Disconnect—

2. A typical ‘church’ might define membership committment by looking for a few key metrics, such as people who are tithing, attend Sunday meetings regularly, are part of a home fellowship, and are engaged in a service ministry in the church. In other words, the church gets at least 10% of their money and at least 10% of their waking 4-hour timeslots. (Think about that time… if a 40-hour work-week gets 60%, and meals, hygene, and commuting could take up to 20%, this leaves 10% for all other pursuits, including God and family… so in other words, the organized church may want half your uncommitted time as a measure of committment to the church.) Jesus just said, “Follow me.” —Disconnect—

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