Conservatives gaining ground, could now be in striking distance of a majority government, depending who you ask… but is predicting a Conservative minority. Actually, their site is pretty cool — it uses the Google Maps API to provide a graphic overlay of the leading party symbol for every riding in Canada. When you click on the symbol, you get a balloon with the actual poll results for that riding. I discovered that in our riding, the incumbent Liberal candidate has only a 1% lead over the Conservative candidate. The incumbent is Reg Alcock and the seat seems generally thought by the average man-on-the-street around here to be an easy one for him to hang onto. Maybe not. Of course, I added up the poll results to figure out what the undecided percentage was, and I came up with a figure just shy of 102%.

Whatever, should be interesting. As this continues to shake out in the final days, a lot of voters in the west will be happily realizing that this will be one those rare elections where their vote will actually count for something.

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