This is interresting…. a recent addition to the blogosphere starting to tell his story with a post titled Prefatory Remarks and A Short, Nebulous History of Modern Christianity which covers the epochs in a paragraph or two each, starting with “Christianity (ca. 30 C.E.)” and ending with “Emergent Christianity (late 20th, early 21st century).”

While practices and even core doctrine vary, most emergents can be recognized by the following values:

  • Missional living – Christians go out into the world to serve God rather than isolate themselves within communities of like-minded individuals.
  • Narrative theology – Teaching focuses on narrative presentations of faith and the Bible rather than systematic theology or biblical reductionism.
  • Christ-centeredness – While not neglecting the study of scripture or the love of the church, Christians focus their lives on the worship and emulation of the person of Jesus Christ.

(Apparently quoting the ever-changing Wikipedia definition.)

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