Paul Fromont recently published Way-markers on my Journey toward a missional understanding of church and church planting, a select bibliography for readings on missional church, inspired in part by similar lists published the week earlier by Andrew (TSK) Jones and in May by Kevin Cawley. Some great stuff in these lists. Paul’s is the most comprehensive, with Kevin’s next in line — Andrew’s list is quite different, listing only five books: one from each of 5 countries, noting an absence for Canadian books, which is still bothersome to me. Possible contenders might include Paul Vieira’s forthcoming Jesus Has Left the Building or Mark Humphries’ A Bridge Between Two Worlds. I’m sure I’m missing a Canadian possibility or two here, and would welcome further input. There admittedly isn’t a lot out there…. perhaps I’ll have to resolve this by writing one myself, or maybe co-authoring one with Rob McAlpine. Hmmm…..

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