Daryl Dash quotes from Gibbs/Bolger:

1. Identifying with Jesus (and his way of life)
2. Transforming secular space (overcoming the secular/sacred split)
3. Living as community (not strangers in proximity at a church service)
4. Welcoming the stranger (radical and gentle hospitality that is inclusive)
5. Serving with generosity (not serving the institution called “church,” but people)
6. Participating as producers (not widgets in the church program)
7. Creating as created beings
8. Leading as a body (beyond control and the CEO model of leadership)
9. Merging ancient and contemporary spiritualities.

I can identify with most of this stuff… particularly as fleshed out in some of the bracketed stuff.

While we’re on the subject, how on earth did a church meeting ever come to be called a “service” anyway? Who’s being served? Are you being served? Service is something you do, not something you attend. Unless you’re looking to be served, I guess. Bad terminology, all of it, methinks.

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