I just got in about a half-hour ago from the launch party for Geez Magazine and am experiencing an odd confluence of circumstance. I am thoroughly impressed with this mag and want to blog further about it… but I also can’t wait to dig into it, so I’m going to put off blogging about the launch party and the magazine itself until I get through the first issue. I will say I’m very impressed with it so far.

More significantly, and most distressingly to me, I found I’ve left my laptop at home of the friend I attended the launch with, and I’ll have to wait until morning to retrieve it. Arrrgh, but that’s distressing. I’m resorting to the wife’s PC and using Windows rather than my beloved Linux environment to post this. Also distressing….

…but on the upside, I have in the upper left corner of the screen a small version of what’s playing on SpeedVision right now… Gumball Rally, which is the road-race movie, the one of which Cannonball Run was but a cheap knockoff. I’m glad I installed that TV tuner card in the kitchen PC a couple of weeks ago… the movie was just starting as I sat down to check the TV listings online, so I quickly clicked the record button. First time trying that feature, so hopefully it works out… you basically never see this being run on TV and it’s very hard to find at the video store.

All this means my next few hours are solidly spoken for due to a confluence of circumstance. So as the man said, “To internal combustion — and the wind in your face.”

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