And just for the record, CTiE would be the “church that is emerging” — the ‘new term’ for the emerging church.

Jonny Baker has posted some Advent resources, including a version of the nativity that has no inn and no stable… which is probably a fairly accurate one, actually.

A new site offers a good set of intro links on the church that is emerging, under the heading “so what’s with this emerging church?” (HT: Daryl Dash)

Planet Emergent has changed its name and url to Emerging Church Blogs, and it’s been given a great facelift and a few tweaks to boot. Looks good.

Andrew Jones has posted a list of Best Books on Emerging-Missional Church… which ends with “From Canada ? . . . You tell me” which kinda bothers me a little if there is no “essential reading” material in print from Canada. Yet. As he points out, the best stuff continues to be online. According to Technorati, 3 of the “top ten” blogs on “emerging church” are by Canadians… 4 if you include Jordon Cooper who has disappeared from the list again (probably temporary). 4 are Americans (one of which would be bumped by Jordon), 1 is Australian, and 1 is European. (1 is anti-emerging and would be omitted from the question.)

I continue to love Scot McKnight’s regular Friday “Blogs of the Week” posts… especially when he mentions me every once in a while, as he did this week about my new blog design. I’m flattered, and in response I’ve created an About this Site page which gives a little more info about the new design and about what powers the site. Maybe all the people who posted about Typepad being down over the last day or so will be interrested in reading ;^)

Oh, and one more thing — yesterday Grace posted her photo and suggested that I might just get over my own cameraphobic-ness, but despite the charge, I did post a photo of my feet yesterday; Cindy Bryan is keeping track of such feet.

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