There’s a lot of blogdom ink spilling this week about churches being closed on Christmas day because, well, it’s Christmas, and….

Ben Witherington’s post on the subject was one of the first, and I agreed with it when I read it. It’s just plain backwards for churches to close on the day that the “C&E Christians” will show up, just when the community is looking to them.

Then merely a few moments ago, I had another thought. Maybe they’re onto something. Maybe they should shut down the churches and encourage members to instead spend that time with family, with one another, with friends, with neighbours. Get out in the world, be the church, and make a difference. Change the world, bit by bit. Not just on Christmas, but every day.

Of course, this is not the point of them closing on Christmas day, this is not their view of the world. On the one hand I want to say it’s a good thing, go with the churchless faith plan. On the other hand — and this is where the reality lies — this is a major paradigm failure on their part.

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