A few weeks back, Cindy Bryan posted a “self portrait”, an image of her feet. She suggested that others also post images of their feet. Then earlier today, Grace suggested I post my picture, so… I’m killing two birds with one stone.

I didn’t exactly get around to doing the feet-picture thing right away, but it reminded me of my first week blogging. About a month or two before I started blogging, I bought myself a new pair of boots… and in the first week I talked about boots, in my first post, actually, as I attempted to set the stage. I quoted an old maxim recalled from my college days: “The best theology is not found in books, it’s in boots.”

With the passage of time and blog entries, I wouldn’t think the theology standing in my boots is significantly better than when I started, or anything much to write home about. But I feel a lot better about it these days, and for better or worse, there it is.

And now it’s in pictures, along with those very boots.

btw, I installed those hardwoods myself about eight or nine years ago; genuine 3/4″ birch. Pretend to be impressed, it was a lot of work!

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