I picked up a little Advent book for the kids a few weeks ago — at $2.25 I figured I couldn’t go wrong. We’ve been reading from it daily since the first Sunday of Advent… just a half-page read, a poem and two or three short paragraphs per day. Opposite the half-page per day is a full page full-colour photo that makes an “I-Spy” game, and there’s a different item to try and find for each day (after which we each take a couple of turns spying something for the others to find). The verbage talks about a different character each day, always a kid from the Bible. The boy David, baby Moses, Jairus’ daughter, the boy who shared his lunch with the 5,000. That was a good one, I thought, when we read it the other day…. I was struck mostly by the final sentence. Let me quote the last bit from that entry:

“Well, feed them,” Jesus told his disciples, after he had offered a table prayer. And when the disciples started passing out the bread and the fish, there was enough for everyone! More than enough—when they were finished eating, the disciples collected 12 baskets full of leftovers!

Have you ever been asked to share something? Did you ever think that maybe the Lord Jesus could do something wonderful with the things you are sharing? “If you have done it for someone else,” Jesus says, “you have done it for me.”

I wonder if there are leftovers.

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