We’ve had some discussion about the roll of the prophetic ministry in the emerging church, and I’ve found a prime example of what shall not become. Bob Hyatt tipped us off to the the blog of “A Christian Prophet” which is pretty much a textbook case of everything that gives prophecy a bad name. The author’s self-description is

I am one who hears clearly the Voice for God and shares with everyone the predictions, all-seeing viewpoint, and teachings that are revealed. Although the Holy Spirit uses me to comment on political or cultural events, I have no agenda of my own, wanting nothing and only doing as told.

Sheesh, must be nice. Deceived, methinks. I felt like gagging when I read the post that says,

Our Holy Spirit speaks:

Was there ever any question that American military leaders would make the necessary course corrections in Iraq? Was there every any question that victory for peace and prosperity was assured the moment My Voice guided you to volunteer to liberate the Iraqi people?

Yes, there have been questioners who made the mistake of judging by surface appearances instead of listening to My Voice. The questioners are forgiven. On earth you may not want to listen to Democratic Party leaders and left-leaning news media until they also opt for optimism. But in heaven they were forgiven from the start.

I truly hope this is another fine example of the kind of christian I’m not.

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