Some good thoughts today on how the thing we think is the goal or the “target” often isn’t. First there’s Benjamin Sternke talking about the Cart Before the Horse, about the tendency to want to grow churches in order to impact culture rather than vice-versa…. which is kinda like wanting to see our culture impacted, but only on our terms, or worse, like saying we can only impact culture when we’ve got a big enough army to overpower it. Argh. Do people just not listen? The whole thing makes me wonder if we’ve done so much “means-to-an-end” thinking that we now just need to put an end to the means.

In other missional thought, my friend Di rants about how her “mission” is not people… and from atop her soapbox, she puts forward a darn good definition of what being “missional” is all about. Read it, you’ll get it… a point well-taken.

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