What is the Emerging Church?

Scot McKnight is tackling “the question” in a series of posts… some good stuff in there. First off was What is the Emerging Church? which considers some terms plus the Wikipedia definition; today’s post is What is the Emerging Church? Postmodernity which covers one of the hottest issues in the discussion (or debate, if there is one). The one that really caught my attention though was yesterday’s What is the Emerging Church? Protest which says, “Whatever the Emerging Movement is, it is clearly a protest movement.” Scot then goes on to list ten things we are protesting… which is deeply interesting. I’m digesting the list to see if there might be other things I would say I’m protesting… but he’s actually got a pretty comprehensive list; a recommended read for sure.

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  1. Bro,
    Scot McKnight’s posts of late have encouraged me to start a series on “Ecclesiology in Crisis”. I am myslef in deep protest regarding a limited view of church. Hope I can help burst the old box a bit.


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