Today marks the first anniversary of this blog going online.


Wow, that went fast.

From the first post to this one… my admin panel tells me, “There are currently 452 posts and 952 comments, contained within 24 categories.” My webstats tell me I’ve served over 600,000 pages to date. The current average is over 1,000 vistors per day (ranging from 900-1200 this past month) viewing an average 3,700 pages per day (ranging from 2500 to over 5000 last month). This is not normal for a blog… there’s a new one started something like every 2 seconds these days, and most get like four visits a month that don’t come from the blogger themself.

I don’t know where you people are all coming from or why… but once again, welcome here. I warn you, despite the above traffic stats, I don’t really know a whole lot about anything — but this has never stopped me from offering an opinion on everything else in the past. In other words, I’m a self-proclaimed expert ;^) …just kidding.

I’ve been continually blessed and occasionally blown away at the reception I’ve received within the emerging church conversation. A year ago, I pretty much just jumped right in with both feet, figuring “Hey, if it’s a conversation, anyone can join, right?” So I did, and my experience suggests that I’ve proven that yes, in fact anyone can join.

A lot has happened over the past year, much of it chronicled here, between the lines. I was wondering what I might do to mark this milestone when it came around… for a while I thought I would celebrate by discontinuing with my pseduonym and starting to publish under my real name, but in an unexpected way, “Brother Maynard’s” secret identity has become a bit of a “thing” beyond what I expected. Some people have been given my real name and they said they would just keep calling me Brother Maynard, if that was alright. It is.

So when I started the blog, I basically just grabbed a basic WordPress theme, changed the colours a bit, tossed in a new header image, and away we went. I always meant to do a proper site design, so a month or so ago I decided to build a new myself a new WordPress theme from scratch as a blogday present to myself. I’ll still be tweaking for a while I expect, but the big day rolled around, so here it is, unveiled. If anyone has any browser issues or whatever, leave me a comment or fire off an email letting me know about the issue and which browser you’re using.

In the meantime, a big thank-you to everyone who’s visited and who’s commented over the past year — you’ve all made the experience a rewarding one for me, and one I look forward to continuing. Oh, and help yourself to a piece of cake.

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