Robbymac tagged me with one of these memes — this one mostly about “five’s.”

Ten years ago
1995. Heavily engaged in local church leadership, enjoying the tail end of what was called “Prairie Fire,” our local expression of the “Toronto Blessing.” Teaching and active in prophetic ministry in the church and deeply involved in church leadership. Married for 6 years already, it’d be another 3 before our first child came along. Purchased our first home. Completed the most recent of the courses I’ve taken in part-time studies toward my MA in Biblical studies, a little miffed that this one botched my 4.0 GPA. 25% down, 75% to go… (still).

Five years ago
2000. Spring. I finally quit a job I wasn’t enjoying, just shy of 11 years at it… taking the plunge to leave that career and begin a new one, something more entrepreneurial. Also quit the leadership team of the church congregation we were involved with from the time of its inception six years before. Disillusionment was really setting in with the whole way of doing church, and had been for a few years already… though I hadn’t fully recognized it for what is was, and wouldn’t for a few more years yet.

One year ago
2004. Late October/Early November. Experienced a difficult two-month season (capping off a difficult year) with my local church (my CLB), culminating in a crisis moment with church leadership that ultimately drove us out of there and into a “churchless faith,” as it’s been called. This somewhat unexpectedly began a rekindling of my spiritual life.

Five yummy things
(In no particular order)

  1. Chinese food, almost all of it but especially deep fried squid and such. It’s a little-known fact that Jesus originally wanted to be born in China for the food, until God the Father spake and reminded him, “But Son — you speak Greek!”
  2. Coffee, the elixir of life.
  3. Beer, especially a nice dark ale. Guinness… the nectar of the gods.
  4. Prime rib. Pie. Milkshakes. Chicken fingers from Mitzi’s. (I’m cheating and sneaking in extra items here.)
  5. Cinnamon buns… my wife’s homemade ones chief among them.

Five songs I know by heart
(Rusty, but at least most of the words are still there; stretching for an eclectic list, I could add entries from Dylan, U2, Cockburn, Michael Card, The Clash, Norah Jones…)

  1. Born to be Wild, Steppenwolf
  2. Great is Thy Faithfulness
  3. Blitzkreig Bop, The Ramones
  4. The Rock that Doesn’t Roll, Father Larry
  5. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles), The Proclaimers

Five Things I would do with a lot of money
(Yes, I realize some of these are incompatible, at least within the same timeline.)

  1. Be mortgage-free, and expand my business
  2. Back to school
  3. Travel
  4. Old ‘Vette, new Harley
  5. Share the wealth (Hey, assuming it’s really a lot of money!)

Five things I would never wear

  1. Contact lenses
  2. Turtlenecks
  3. I “heart” anything T-shirts
  4. Jeans the same size as I wore in high school
  5. White after Labour Day

Five favourite TV shows

  1. WKRP in Cincinatti (Never jumped the shark)
  2. M*A*S*H
  3. The West Wing (particularly with Sorkin/Schlamme)
  4. Barney Miller (Also never jumped the shark)
  5. Mad About You (pre-Mabel)

Five things I enjoy doing

  1. Reading
  2. Breakfast with the family on the weekend
  3. Blogging, coding websites, surfing
  4. Listening to good music, with a special mention of good Jazz
  5. Travel

Five people who I want to inflict this on…
What the heck, here are the first four people to come to mind that I don’t think have been tagged with this one yet.

  1. Arlen
  2. Darryl Dash
  3. Bill Millar
  4. Scot McKnight
  5. Anyone else who reads and may be inclined to comment or blog a response.

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