So I mentioned before that I’m sitting on a panel at an emerging church forum tomorrow. The other forum members and I have been emailing each other all week, and most of us still don’t know what to say… what would you tell them?

We really don’t know much about the crowd who will attend, but let’s say we have 100-150 pastors and leaders from evangelical churches who generally assume that the emerging church is a new form of seeker-sensitive style, but they are wondering what all is really going on, so they’re coming to find out the answer. They think this may have implications for their own churches, especially when they look at the youth bored in the pews, and they know it has something to do with postmodernism. I could be way off, but for the sake of discussion… what do you want to say to them?

A specific question has been posed for the panel’s consideration and again, I’m not sure how to answer. How can the established church better serve the emerging church in its mission?

You can respond here for discussion, or send me an email.

Update: I’m sitting here at the conference waiting to get to our part… we’re discussing modernism vs. postmodernism right now (by “discussing” I mean lecture…) but I’ve got Soul Pastor on my right hand and The Old Bill on my left. We’re all “winging it”, waiting to hear what’s going to come up from the floor ‚ perhaps we’ll just read them your comments…

Another Update: the morning panel session is done, as is lunch… good conversations, good questions, and no flying rotten fruit. What more could you ask? Well, for one, it looks like we’re going to give the panel a “round two” later this afternoon. It went very well in the morning but we really only scratched the surface. Next up: the whole question of “Where do we go from here?” Nothing like a vast subject for a short discussion… Stay tuned.

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