Pancakes Just rambling today on the old family breakfast theme, upon which I’ve previously posted some deeper thoughts. Up a little early this morning, making pancakes… today I treated my girls to a favorite of theirs, “little bear pancakes.” The bear’s nose this time was a marshmallow, edges rounded with scissors and sporting a chocolate chip. I discovered if you trim the flat end just a bit as well and place it on the pancake right off the grill, it’ll melt a bit and stick there. (For what that’s worth.) Also made blueberry pancakes, a favorite of mine as well.

On a bit of a whim, I snapped a couple of photos of these masterpieces… my wife quipped that we should send them to our friends who still spend Sunday mornings going to church so they would know what they’re missing. Our youngest pleaded, “Send them, send them, pleeeese!” I’m not sure she quite got the joke.

All that said, we still made the early service at Soul Sanctuary, where I was telling Soul Pastor that I’m not yet happy with the answers I gave in my prior post and may yet take another stab at them. We also bumped into one of the panel members from Monday’s emerging church seminar and got an invite to a dessert evening they were hosting. Dropped in there for a while and met a couple of old friends and a few new people besides; we really didn’t know many there beforehand, but it was quite enjoyable. Spent a bit of time visiting with Soul Pastor’s wife as well, so now have a new perspective on what makes the ol’ boy tick… ;^)

Family and friends. A good day, start and finish.

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