And still not catching up with my reading… it’s been a busy week in my house, packing and so on… one more trip to the storage locker with excess “stuff” this evening, followed by Chinese takeout, beer, and cards with friends. Much better pastime than the mad frenzy of cleaning and packing over the past while. The front lawn now sports a new “For Sale” sign, as we listed the house yesterday… it’s getting real now. Showings start after the upcoming long weekend.

Meanwhile, I’m still reading and trying to keep up with the blog… noted today:

Things Alan Creech once believed: interesting… I wonder if he’s got a use for an empty seminary, which Brad Bergfalk predicts more of (kinda) in his “Top Ten Uses for Empty Seminary Buildings.”

Scot McKnight’s got his third part of the current series up now, “Doctrinal Statements and the Emerging Movement 3.

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