I’ve got so much on the brain right now it’s hard to get it all down, even in short form for later revisiting. Into this fray leaps a whole herd of fresh online reading material to deal with.

On Saturday I received an email from Darren at precipicemagazine.com letting me know of their new online publication — pretty much the first thing I see there is Len Hjalmarson’s Church Planting in a Chaordic Age as one of the initial four articles.

I got the usual email this morning telling me that the latest issue of Next-Wave is out and that it’s the largest one yet. A quick review of its contents reveals How then shall I live by blogger and frequent-commenter here Arlen Hanson as well as the cover story on Incarnational Practices by Missio Dei (Minneapolis) pastor Mark Van S (a piece that is already inspiring new mantras) as well as An Interview with Scot McKinght and a bunch of other stuff that looks quite interesting.

Also this morning, I noticed Jonny Baker (who is himself profiled in Cross Rhythms, HT:Jordon Cooper) wishing Happy Birthday to EmergingChurch.info, who have just released fresh material as well, including Ian Mobsby asking, Is there a distinctive approach to theologising for the emerging church?. As part of the second anniversary celebrations, they’ve put out a double issue and a Beginner’s Guide to the Emerging Church, which includes a prior article by yours truly (republished from here), so I’m honoured to discover that it made the cut.

With all the new content flying, I wondered about Geez Magazine which isn’t out yet, but should be soon. These guys were already on my must-have-a-beer-with-sometime list. It’s also a good thing that the next Resonate Journal isn’t due out until November.

All this stuff is now piled on top of my regular blog fare — though I’ve started, I still haven’t fully sunk my teeth into Robbymac‘s Emerging Grace Chronicles, which have also attracted TSK summary linkage — good thoughts in there, and my attention is grabbed just by the title of Kester Brewin’s Leadership and Ethics in the Self-Organizing Emergent Church 1 which by the number in the title also suggests a series. I’ve also got a couple of editing/reviewing projects on the go which are overdue and begging some attention. Oh, then there’s Scot McKnight on Doctrinal Statements and the Emerging Movement (now there’s a light subject ;^) …!) and I’ve gotten an email from Christianity Today to let me know they’ve got an article on “Emergents” reading dead Christians and just to taunt me further, the new DashHouse Book Blog taunts me with a quote from Henry David Thoreau: “Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them all.”

How am I supposed to get all of this read and digested, let alone spew my own contribution to word pollution on the Internet?

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