Phil Smith points to a good post by Yasmin Finch on the “de-churched.” She quotes a study with five categories, but Phil argues for a sixth category;

Despite my faithful attendance in body, my mind and soul are unashamedly becoming increasingly dechurched. You see i might be there, but that’s more out of habit than desire and so, to the authors of mission shaped church, i call for a sixth category “The Dechurched Regular”, who goes week in week out but really is pretty tired of the whole thing and hopes to find a righteous way out soon…

I realized I was one of these people for a while, and I know people who are in this category. At the risk of offending “Missional Chickie” I also know people who don’t attend church regularly but haven’t quite let go of church entirely… they would be fairly solidly in the de-churched camp, but don’t tend to admit it freely, particularly with the still-churched crowd.

In addition, there is also the re-churched/de-churched person. I’m running into some of these lately…. people who are de-churched, but for one reason or another have returned to or remained in a church structure. Normally this has to do with their kids or some program they’re involved with. When friends recently announced their intention to start attending a church again because their kids were asking to be involved in a youth program, we expressed our concern… is their faith strong enough to survive in a church context?

Phil’s next post mentions my piece at — he swapped recommendations with a de-churched person, and got back Jake Colson’s e-book titled, “So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore.” The e-book is unfinished, but most of it is online so you can still get a good feel for it. If you aren’t already living it, that is.

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