Waffle Cones Darryl Dash continues his Dying Church chronicle with The parable of the ice cream store which kicks off with an ominous scenario…

Imagine working at an ice cream store. One day you wake up and realize the importance of eating right. It’s not just a phase; it’s something you have to do. You’d face a bit of a crisis. Do you quit? Do you start serving healthier ice cream? Do you stop serving ice cream altogether and transform the ice cream store into something altogether different? Or do you rationalize that ice cream is okay as long as people are getting their nutrition elsewhere?

Ominous because of course it’s a metaphor. Ya gotta watch those, they suck you in and before you know it you start thinking, “Most of the goods and services of the church seemed about as likely to promote spiritual growth as ice cream is to promote good health.” And you don’t stop there…

Meanwhile, the church discontentment radar picked up another post titled I Think I Figured It Out! Which is encouraging, it’s always great to hear about someone’s eureka moments. Figured out what? The blogger says, “I’ve realized something about ‘church’: I’m not interested.” Then before you know it, he’s quoting Dan Kimball ‚ and that’s hardcore stuff.

I gather this is the kind of stuff Mike DeVries would understand… he’s thinking, “What about a book entitled Lies My Pastor Told Me or perhaps Lies My Church Told Me?”

If you’re wondering what’s going on, Barna talks about it in Revolution, which I really need to get my hands on… but Darryl talks about that on his Book Blog, saying, “For many of us, it’s not exactly news. If you fall in this category, this book might help you explain what’s happening to others.” That sounds about right. He continues with thoughts on Barna’s work, switching blogs back to the Dying Church chronicles, and Quitting the ice cream store…. which is of course the theme we started out with.

And I’ve decided I needed to add a category called “Churchless Faith” ‚ it was either that or “Disillusioned” I guess.

Update: In part three of the ice cream story, we have some people Staying at the ice cream store

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