Okay, so with Andrew Jones gone walkabout and only posting sporadically, what’s everyone reading these days?

So we were talking about Technorati last month and noting how you can search for the most popular blogs on a given subject, such as emergent OR emerging church and it’ll come back with a ranking of top blogs “by authority.” This took a bit of figuring since there are some very notable absences, but it appears to rank them by number of other blogs which link them &#8212 regardless of the number of actual links from those blogs. They also have to be consistently on-topic but I’m not sure exactly how that’s determined. In any event, Technorati has been improving the search results… duplicate results for the Andrew Jones have been combined for example, and not surprisingly, he remains the top blog on the subject by a considerable margin.

Over the past month or so I’ve dropped in maybe once a week to see if I might unearth a new blog I hadn’t seen before, and it’s been good for that, using various search functions that the site offers. What surprised me yesterday when I dropped by again is that I’ve dropped a notch in these rankings. Remember that we said we were taking these with a grain of salt, which seriously, I still do… the only reason to mention it is that the number four blog (number three if you exclude “emergent” from the search string) is — wait for it… EmergentNo. I haven’t actually linked the site here because (a) I don’t really frequent the site (though I have been there a few times), and (b) because I don’t want to increase their ranking as people who know anything about the emerging church.

Scary. I hope that’s not what the rest of you are reading and linking while Andrew is off….

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