Is this not a sweet, sweet image?

Some of us panel members at yesterday’s emerging church conference have been wont to consume Guinness at The King’s Head Pub in Winnipeg and there discuss matters theological, emergological, and with enough of the brew imbibed, ontological.

Yesterday while kicking around our let’s-get-together’s, we managed to confirm the time and place for our next “theology pub,” which will take place on Wednesday November 2nd at 7:00PM at the King’s Head. Go ahead and post a reply or fire off an email to confirm so we have a vague idea how big a table will be necessitated, but really there’s nothing more formalized than that. The kind brewmasters and brewmistresses at the King’s Head don’t even know we’re coming (and afterward, they may not know what hit them). But come on down, gather, be welcomed.

By the way, someone suggested that the term “Theology Pub” has actually been trademarked or somehow reserved by a certain group. I keep thinking of something entirely different and completely the wrong idea when Jamie calls it a “Rendez-Vous” (and I’m not the one who called his site “Emergent Voyeurs” either) so I think I’m going to arbitrarily and somewhat unilaterally (though I’m alright with being vetoed) start calling the gathering “Kindling Point.” Bring your own matches.

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