It was bound to happen eventually. Friends at the church we left behind are doing a baby dedication for their youngest child tomorrow — we’re invited to the service as well as for lunch afterward. Hmmm. They said if I didn’t want to come, they’d understand, and my wife has not committed me to be there but I’m thinking I might go anyway. It bugs me that there should be anyplace on the planet that I’m reticent to show up at, so that’s part of it… but I’m conflicted because of all that happened there. Not sure what emotions, memories, feelings it would bring up. It’s been about 11 months since the “event” which shook us loose there; not sure if that’s enough time passed to be able to visit. Maybe we’ll see…. my condition will be sitting at the back, naturally. Maybe I’ll also get to SBT in the evening; we all miss it, having not been there in over a month now.

Spent the day today packing and moving stuff into a storage locker — we rented one a couple of weeks ago, filled it, then today rented a bigger one, moved all the stuff from the smaller one into it, then took two pickup truck loads from the house and stacked it in there as well. This gets most of the “clutter” gone now, and maybe one more load will finish it up. Why, you ask? All in preparation to sell the house, getting it ready to show…. we’ll be moving soon into a house we’ve yet to find and purchase in a different part of the city (even the best plans sometimes have little holes in them, like not having another house yet). We’ve been looking a bit and came close to putting in offers on two different houses, all while doing a whole bunch of touch-ups and minor renovations getting our place ready to sell. “Minor” renovations. I ripped out a wall, gutted the space where the ensuite shower was (including a 4′ square section of the floorboards) and basically reconstructed the whole ensuite (sink and vanity cabinets excepted). My wife then painted the ensuite and master bedroom and I put down laminate flooring in the bedroom, followed by new baseboards in both rooms. And then she made me start cleaning up my study. *sigh.* Maybe I’ll get a main floor study in the new place, though I rather doubt it’ll be as big as the 300 square feet I occupy at present. We’re looking forward to settling in our new neighbourhood though, hoping it works out. We’ve already enrolled our oldest in a Brownies group in that area. Now all we need is a good price for our house, to find a house we can afford that has everything we want in the area we want it, win the inevitable “real estate auction,” make the posession dates line up favorably, pack up all the stuff we own into boxes, and con all our friends into helping us move it before they figure out how many boxes of books there will be and how heavy they are. Sounds like a plan. Help, Lord?

On another church note, our “gathering” meets tonight at our place. It’ll be a smaller group than usual, so maybe that will mean more wine and appetizers to spread around. It could happen. The person who was to facilitate also jammed last night, leaving me to come up with something. So here I am blogging instead. I’ve still got a little over three hours…. okay, I better get to it.

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