We’ve talked a fair bit about people leaving church, but Brad Berkfalk is talking about young pastors leaving the ministry. He offers 10 reasons for this, and at about no. 7 or 8, you start to figure the list isn’t real, just made-up… but you can’t be 100% sure which is a little alarming. He concludes by asking why.

Elsewhere, Mike Todd responds to this comment:

While speaking at a Christian college, Tom tried to persuade the students to not only be concerned about sharing the gospel with the poor but to also help them with their physical needs. One very earnest young woman blurted out, “If we start feeding hungry people then things won’t get worse and if things don’t get worse then Jesus won’t come back!” On the issue of integral mission, eschatology matters.

Uh, yeah. Where do you even start with that one?

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