All through my involvement in and teaching on the prophetic ministry in charismatic circles, I was never a really big dreamer…. I did have some dreams from God on several occasions, some of them fairly significant. I normally don’t remember my dreams that clearly either, so the ones that I do remember and which seem to convey a relatively clear message jump out more. All this to preface the fact that I had a dream last night.

As further preface, some of my background… similar to Robbymac, I grew up in a stream of churches that was very conservative… by which I mean that these guys thought the local Baptists were worldly (and the Pentecostals? Fuggeddaboudit!). It wasn’t until relatively recently that it dawned on me: “I was a teenage fundamentalist.” I know, I know — but in my defense, I was never a very good fundamentalist, and in my mid-teens I stopped attending there and switched over to the Baptist church, and from there, — well, that’s enough for now, I don’t want to delve into the entire history. In my last few years in this church, they underwent a building project to move from a smaller building on 9th Avenue to a brand new and much larger facility all the way accross town. This little church on 9th Avenue was the first church I knew though, and there were some nice folk there. It was a small town, so either way moving the 2 miles meant you were reaching the whole town. They actually used Ephesians 4:16 as the theme verse for the project, which is quite galling now, but that’s another story.

So in the dream, this little old church on 9th Avenue was going to be demolished, and I was asked or invited in to see the place once more; it seems I was also allowed to remove what I wanted. The sanctuary was a mess of decayed building and debris, and after looking around, I began to explore other parts of the building. I wondered about all the old storage nooks and crannies, if they might still hold the remnants of Christmas concerts past, or hey, might the Pastor’s study still contain books? (Yes it’s true, even in my sleep this is one of the first things to leap to my mind.)

I explored those spaces in the dream, but oddly I didn’t go into the basement which the actual building had; I went into the storage spaces near the pastor’s study (which was up a half-flight of stairs) and found spaces much bigger than they actually were; there was a whole second floor attic space used only for storage which didn’t exist in real life, and from there you could go up another level into a very small space inside the steeple. Again, this does not reflect on the actual construction in real life.

In these hidden storage spaces, I found all kinds of furnishings; I counted at least 4 pianos and an old organ. I saw a number of couches and chairs that had been placed there for storage, all in remarkably good shape. Some of the wooden furnishings had minor water damage, because the roof had actual holes in it, but the floor was fine to walk on safely (there’s a kind of running family story that makes sense of that observation). Because you can have incongruities in dreams, most of this furniture wouldn’t fit through the small door that lets you into the space. I found an old wooden pulpit or podium with worn black leather on it and a kind of matching chair. When I saw it, it was very striking and was the piece above all the others that I really wanted to remove. Up in the steeple space, there was a wall-mounted cabinet with two shelves and glass doors covering them, the same kind of glass doors as a barrister’s bookcase would have, but the entire thing was only about 18″ wide by 10″ high. Inside were a number of small objects that reminded me of old (or antique) spice tins; I remember a yellow one, but I don’t know what was really inside. The case was perhaps the size of a spice rack. I removed it from the two nails on which it hung and planned to take it as well.

It seemed that we should return to remove all the furnishings, and began to think about who might assist us in the task… but of the items we found, these two stood out clearly as being some of the most desirable.

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